Excellence is achieved
when knowledge and commitment
go hand in hand



About us

We are a specialised company in Service Management in the fields of the Information and communications technology (ICT),business processes and operations support, in diverse sectors like Telecommunications, Finances and Insurances, Industry and Public Administrations.

Our Approach


Alalza was founded over 10 years ago, with the firm purpose to manage services with values which exceed all performances of the company: a skilled knowledgeable team, commitment with our customers, passion for service and vision to transform.

Experience in personalised and flexible solutions

Alalza is a company with an extensive and intense experience based on process optimization. We manage with innovative and flexible form, adding all our technical and methodological knowledge to be in sync with your business and help you in gain competitiveness.

History of superación of indicators of levels of service (ANS, KPIs, …)

The Alalza group goes above and beyond to surpass your expectations. We are defined as “Leaders of execution”, and that is what we strive for. Thanks to this we have achieved great trust from our clients, very demanding organizations, worldwide leaders.

Commitment of our expert and highly skilled team

Our team of over 900 professionals with a high level of technical knowledge specialized in the process of externalization and sectorial business, and with a strong orientation to the service and its achievements. Training programmes  adapted to the new requirements, allow us tackle the management of systems and support complex and dynamic processes, guaranteeing the control.

Methodology and tools propiace for the management of the service: Certificates

Our experience in the services managed, on the base of quality standards agreed by contract (ANS), and with the most demanding methodologies or with greater implementation in the market (ITIL, PMP, Prince 2, other), has allowed us develop our own tools for service management, with visions in real time and full transparency. We have Politics of Quality and an integrated Quality Management System, Environmental Management (acompliment ambiental) and IT Service  Management of, certified by AENOR, oriented to the culture of customer service, and based on the quality of the products and services and in the corporate responsibility of the company. The Politics of quality, environment, System of Management of Services and Information Security are established by the Senior Management and are assumed and shared by each and every one of the members of the company, just as the certifications attained express.

Our Certificates

ISO 9.001:2008 (System of Management of the Quality)

AENOR has certified Alalza with its System of Management of Quality satisfaction with the norm ISO 9001:2008 in the activities that relate in the field of the Technologies of the Information and Communications.

LOGOS 14001_2016_1
ISO 14.001:2004 (System of Environmental Management)

The certification ISO 14001, conceded by AENOR, recognizes the commitments purchased by Alalza in environmental matter, emphasizing in the prevention of  pollution, guaranteeing this way  its responsibility with the surroundings.

ISO 20.000:2011 (System of Management of Services of T.I.)

Alalza has the Certification ISO 20000-1:2011, with the purpose to ensure our customers the integrity and security of its operations, continuing and expanding our culture of continuous quality  improvement in service management.

ISO 27.001:2015 (Security of the Information)

This certification, awarded by AENOR, recognizes the information security systems that give support to the provision of managerial services in technologies of the information to the customers of the Group Alalza

Our classifications

Alalza has the classifications of the Consultative Board of the Government procurement:

Group V, subgroup 03, category D
Group V, subgroup 02, category D
Group V, subgroup 05, category D


Also, it is found classified as a  Company in the Shopping Catalogue of  General Direction of State Heritage.

Conecta Patrimonio

Alalza also finds itself described in Achilles as the “group that has standardized the evaluation of providers that offer services to big corporations around the world”


Alalza has the Silver Ecovadis certificate, which recognizes our commitment to CSR