ICT Outsourcing

History of overcoming
service indicators

Fabián Vásquez / Miguel Ángel Sáiz

Business Managers


ICT management platform

“We help to ensure the success of our customers”

Our commitment

We are committed to operational excellence in ICT management processes. We are an agile, effective and efficient tool to achieve your business goals.

What do we do?

Systems management, networking and communications
– Administration and operation
– Monitoring and supervision
– Support specialist (M2M, Roaming …)
– Service Level Management
– Capacity services

What do you win with Alalza?

Extensive and intense experience

Since its inception in 2004, Alalza has developed a high specialization in ICT platform management based on process optimization and our technical and methodological knowledge. This has enabled us to find innovative and flexible solutions to meet your needs.

Commitment of our experienced and highly specialized team

High level of technical expertise in outsourcing processes and sectorial business, with a strong orientation to the service and its achievements. Training plans, adapted to the new requirements, allow us to address the complex and dynamic management of computer systems, ensuring their control.

Performance orientated

Gain efficiency in managing your ICT infrastructure, thanks to our specialized management. We optimize processes and are committed to be a differentiator that allows you to become more competitive.

The way to manage services with rigour: certificates

We have developed our own tools for managing services with real-time visibility and full transparency, based on extensive experience in managed services, on the basis of quality standards agreed by contract (ANS), and the most demanding methodologies or market implementation (ITIL, PMP, Prince 2, etc.). We certify our projects with internationally recognized standards.

Leadership in compliance with service level indicators

Alalza whole organization turns and promises to overcome what you expect from us. Our history of overcoming the service level indicators makes our customers define us as leaders in compliance.

Global indicators

Availability of superior service 99.8%

Average resolution time target 93%

Percentage of repeated 2,3%



User and customer service

“Person to Person “

Any contact with the customer or user should culminate in a rewarding experience for him , where you find an effective and immediate solution . We are experts in managing large groups, sustainable over time, helping them sense their brand and their clients.

What do we do?

CAU / Help-desk
Control centers and user support
Functional and specialized technical support
VIP services and to Big Clients
Service -desk, inventory, software distribution
Capacity services

What do you win with Alalza?

Commitment to instill the values of Alalza and care for the welfare of people.

Our dedication to the people providing the services is the  key principle, because we know they are the image of your organization with internal and external customers. They must sense the brand values and know that Alalza fully supports them every step of the way. We know how to develop their emotional skills oriented towards effort and commitment to the customer.

We focus on technical training for service managers to focus on the solution with high response rates and resolution in a single call. This way we significantly reduce the number of interventions which results in a reduced solution time and less resources involved. Only if the user is fully satisfied, we consider the intervention solved.

Fusing a transverse support with a highly specialized

Our capabilities allow us to respond specifically to the needs of our clients, adapting to their reality in terms, objectives, deliverables and budget. The deployed crossmember contributes to maintaining adequate quality of our customer service, supporting every client 24×7.

Control panel generation in real-time

We develop control panels that allow adequate information for optimal decision making in real time, combining all scales (inquiriess, incidents, problems, changes, requests). All this, with a multi-channel support.

Continuous Service Improvement plan

We ensure continuous improvement of services through monitoring and reporting on the performance of the same: creating and evolving knowledge databases and fluid communication with the groups involved.

Global indicators

Improved response time: up to 20%

Improved degree of resolution: until 30%.



Application development and maintenance

“Adjusted to your demand “

Our commitment

We help you to increase or decrease your team’s resources with agility to fit the needs of your organization.

What do we do?

Maintenance and Application Development:

  • Corrective
  • Adaptive
  • Evolutionary

Document management and knowledge

What do you win with Alalza?

At the forefront of ICT

Alalza will equip our clients with the technical skills needed and adjusted to the new requirements of your organization (Big data, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Managers -MDM business devices).

Commitment talent

We detect the best talent and invest in it for the evolutionary development of your business. We develop plans to accommodate the new additions. We invest in training, professional development, emotional skills and manage the change in our teams.

Flexibility and efficiency of service

ICT services personnel with expertise in multiple technologies, and knowledge of different sectors, working from own outsourcing centers or in their offices, managed by highly qualified professionals. Professionals that integrate effortlessly with their current teams when needed.

Continuous assessment and feedback

Our customers assess us , and we assess systematically and objectively in all directions, to identify strengths and areas for continuous improvement. The quality of our equipment is among the most competent in the market.

Global indicators

Average overall satisfaction customers: : 9

Average technical quality: 8,7